There’s no denying it winter is here and is here in full swing! The dramatic drop in temperature has taken the entire country by storm and now, people are wondering what they can do to stay warm – and on budget.

If this sounds like something you have been asking then it is time to make some changes to your programmable thermostat. By switching a few of the settings on your programmable thermostat you will be able to make the most of your thermostat this season by incorporating settings that will make the most of your heating system efficiency.

Setting your programmable thermostat for the cold winter months will keep your family comfortable without having to constantly adjust the temperatures manually. By taking the time to program your thermostat will also reduce the temptation to touch it, raising the temperatures too high forgetting about it, which results in your heating bills shooting up.

Making the Most of Your Programmable Thermostat While at Home

Set your thermostat for approximately 68° during the hours that your home is usually at it’s busiest. By setting your programmable thermostat to this temperature, your home  will still feel warm and cozy, while saving you money compared to when the temperature is raised into the 70s.

What to do if You Have an Older Thermostat? How Can You Safely Recycle It? 

In recent years, the HVAC world has done everything they can to embrace as many environmentally friendly products and services as possible. From energy efficient thermostats, HVAC systems, and thermostat recycling, there always seems to be a fairly environmentally conscious way of dealing with a problem. So, as consumers have become more and more environmentally conscious, and seem to always be looking for ways to lower their energy consumption, much of the industry’s environmentally friendly focus is placed on energy savings. But did you know that their focus on energy savings is not the only way that the HVAC industry is working to protect the environment? 
Fact: Contractors and distributors throughout the nation recycle thermostats in order to keep dangerous mercury from contaminating the planet. This is done through the Thermostat Recycling Corporation. 

What Should You Know About Mercury Thermostats 

Traditional bi-metallic thermostats used long metal strips which would expand at varying rates depending on which metals were used. These thermostats also used to contain a mercury bulb.  One of the biggest issues with these thermostats happened when that bulb would come in contact with the strips, that the mercury inside would end up moving to the other end of the tube, which would cause the thermostat to switch over.

What Dangers Are Associated with Mercury?  

According to the World Health Organization, one of the biggest health concerns that we as a species face today is the amount of mercury exposure that we come in contact with the environment. This exposure can lead to serious health complications, including neurological and behavioral issues, kidney toxicity, lung problems, and digestive tract issues. It mercury is ingested or inhaled it can be fatal.

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