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XC25 Air Conditioner


High-Tech Cooling Performance With the XC25 Air Conditioner

At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer innovative Lennox products that are engineered for long-term performance in even the most extreme climates. The XC25 air conditioner takes home cooling to the next level with its impressive capabilities and money-saving power. When installing an XC25 air conditioning system in your home, you can expect a product that offers:

  • Extreme Efficiency: With the potential of saving you up to 58% per year on your cooling costs, this high-tech AC unit utilizes precision control technology to keep your home within 0.5 degrees of your desired temperature.
  • Solar Ready Design: The XC25 is solar ready without modifications, and it can be effortlessly combined with solar roof modules to cut your utility costs even further as a SunSource® Home Energy System.
  • Quiet Operation: With the XC25, you won’t even know that your AC unit is running! SilentComfort™ technology allows the unit to operate at a noise level that is 50% quieter than a standard air conditioner.
  • Long-Term Performance: As a Lennox-brand product, the XC25 is built to the highest standards of quality, and it is designed to be the ideal combination of precision technology and reliable performance.


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