Furnace and HVAC installation can have substantial costs attached to them. As such, no one wants to leave room for mistakes during the installation process. Unfortunately, things can happen, and sometimes errors can wreak havoc during an installation. This article provides some insight into some of the furnace installation mistakes that homeowners have to deal with after the installation process is over. It is essential to check them out just to make sure you do not encounter the same as you install your furnace.

  1.    Poorly Sized Furnace

One of the mistakes many homeowners make is installing a furnace that is either too small or too big for the home space it is required to heat. Do not be deluded into thinking that a bigger heater is always the best option. If your furnace is oversized, you will probably have to brace yourself for problems like poor indoor air quality, more energy costs, shorter longevity, noisy tendencies, humidity issues, and frequent breakdowns. On the flip side, an undersized furnace shall not provide sufficient heat, and it will probably need to run continuously to try and achieve its target temperature. In both scenarios, the heaters will rapidly wear down and often call for a premature replacement.

  1.    Air Distribution Problems

Furnace installation is unlike other DIY jobs that you can quickly learn to perform on the internet since there is a high level of planning and logical thought that must go into each installation job particularly when air distribution is at stake. In most cases, the furnace will do half of the job while the rest is done by the duct system. The duct system should be appropriately designed for your space and equipment. For example, the duct size should match the furnace’s output capacity. Some contractors will just cut corners and use the old duct as they install your new heater and this will result in poorly heated homes.

  1.    Poor Design of Drainage Systems

Furnaces tend to produce a great deal of wastewater which needs to be safely drained away from the heating unit. And if the drainage system is not designed appropriately, your home will probably suffer from damages resulting from water leaks. And during winter, the water back up in pipes could freeze and affect the functioning of your furnace. Moreover, accumulated water could result in air quality issues in addition to mould. Ensuring that you have a proper drainage system installed is vital for the proper functioning of your furnace.

  1.    Energy Use

If a furnace is installed incorrectly, then it can become incredibly wasteful. If there are only slight issues with the ducts, the exhaust, or the furnace, then the air distribution can be affected, which can make the whole system inefficient.

We at Arctic Breeze want you to live in comfort, and part of living in comfort when you have a new furnace installed is making sure it is done right. At Arctic Breeze we always make sure that our work is done correctly and that you have a fully functioning furnace that will keep you warm and save you money on electricity.