In the modern world, where tourism is rapidly evolving and mountain resorts are becoming increasingly popular, ensuring safety and quality service becomes paramount. However, as is often the case, natural disasters, calamities, or natural wear and tear can lead to significant damage to the infrastructure of mountain resorts.

In such situations, the question of restoration becomes paramount. This is where Paul Davis company steps in – a global leader in restoration and renovation after natural disasters.

Who are we?

Paul Davis is a company that restores not only buildings and infrastructure but also trust. We specialize in a comprehensive approach to restoring mountain resorts, returning them to their former appearance and functionality.

Our services

  1. Infrastructure restoration: We restore hotel complexes, ski slopes, ski lifts, restaurants, and all other elements of the resort’s infrastructure.
  2. Cleaning and disinfection: After a natural disaster or natural wear and tear, thorough cleaning and disinfection of premises are necessary. We ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety.
  3. Construction work: Our team includes experienced builders ready to restore any damage, whether it’s roofs, walls, or foundations.
  4. Project management: We offer full project management from start to finish, coordinating the work of various specialists and contractors to ensure the prompt restoration of the resort.

Our advantages


Paul Davis Company is a reliable partner in the restoration of mountain resorts. We are ready to provide quality services and help you restore your resort to its former glory. With us, your business will be safe, and your customers will be provided with the best conditions for recreation.