Setting the thermostat to just the right temperature seems like it might prove a bigger issue in the
winter than the summer, but you’d be surprised at what a difference the right temperature during the
hot months can make. One of the issues every homeowner faces is keeping their utility bills to a
reasonable level; blasting that air conditioning isn’t the best way to keep your hard earned money in
your pocket. So how can you keep your family cool and keep the bills low? Here are some great tips to
not breaking the bank this year while the sun shines the strongest.

Set it higher during vacation time

We often take advantage of this beautiful season to make our way to a great family destination. While
you’re somewhere else, it’s a good idea to set the thermostat a few degrees higher so that your air
conditioning unit isn’t working overtime with nobody home to enjoy it. Even a difference of 2-4 degrees
Celsius can make a big impact on your overall bill.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

If you’re away during the workday, a programmable thermostat can be your best friend. It’ll increase
the temperature during the hours that you’re spending at the office, and decrease it just in time for you
and yours to get home from work and school. Consider a programmable thermostat for help with
adjustments in your home’s temperature so that you can save money without even having to think
about it.

Other options

Sometimes giving your thermostat a hand involves other aspects of your home; window treatments are
one of them. Blinds or curtains can be a great tool to keep the hot sunshine from increasing
temperatures in your home. Ceiling fans can also be a great help in feeling cooler even when the
mercury rises. Limit your use of the oven and try to keep the preparation of most meals to the stovetop
or your BBQ during the hottest days. Try out those no-cook recipes that you’ve been meaning to tackle
and keep the cooking heat off entirely. Maintain good seals around the doors and windows of your
home so that the heat stays out and your cool conditions stay inside where they’re needed most. Have
your furnace and cooling units cleaned and invest in high efficiency equipment so that you get the most
out of them. Dress appropriately for the weather in cotton or linen clothing.

Temperature setting

Generally, our homes are most comfortable when the temperature is set around 23 degrees Celsius.
(Some will prefer a degree hotter or colder). Remember that experts say for every degree that you raise
the temperature; you’ll save about 3 percent on your air conditioning costs. If you’re not happy with
your bill, play around with the setting just a degree at a time until you find one that suits you. Also keep
in mind that a ceiling fan can make a room feel cooler just by circulation alone.

If your A/C system isn’t letting you set your thermostat at your desired temperature, you may need a repair or replacement. Browse through our range of Air Conditioning units and installation options to see how we could provide your home with the perfect temperature this summer.